Continuing Popularity of Multigenerational Travel

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Continuing Popularity of Multigenerational Travel

November 21, 2018

A closer look at family holidays

Family holidays represent a large and increasing market for the travel industry. Spending time together as a family is widely considered to be one of the most important areas in life that should be of top priority. Quality family time helps to maintain family bonds, ensures generations are brought together and allows you to share and create family memories.

We wanted to explore the topic of ‘multigenerational’ travel, a trend that has been increasing in popularity. We looked at the following age groups for generations:

  • Generation Z - < 42

  • Millennials - 25 - 34

  • Generation X - 35 - 45

  • Baby boomers - > 54

Our survey, Generations on the Move takes an in-depth look at how these different generations travel, where they travel to, who they travel with and how these trends could shape the travel industry in 2019.


Some key takeaways from the survey:


Top UK travel destinations:

  • Cornwall

  • Devon 

  • Wales


Top 3 travel destinations abroad:

  • Spain

  • France

  • Turkey


Some interesting findings:

  • The most popular length of holiday is 7 days, with people spending on average £200-£500 per person; 38% choosing to holiday in the UK and 62% going abroad

  • Baby Boomers favour catered or self catered holiday rental accommodation (38.10%)

  • Amongst all generations, the general consensus is that affordability, weather, and ease of getting there, are the most important factors when choosing a destination

View the full results of our study here: Generations on the Move