The Best Way to Celebrate a Milestone Birthday

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The Best Way to Celebrate a Milestone Birthday

December 14, 2016

A milestone birthday is always a cause for celebration. A fantastic excuse to plan a party, enjoy a weekend break or whisk the whole family off for a celebratory holiday, a big birthday needs to be celebrated in style.

If your next birthday ends with a zero, or if you’re planning to surprise that special someone with a birthday treat, here are a few milestone celebration ideas to get the creative juices flowing and help you plan the birthday bash of a lifetime.


A weekend away

A weekend away is the perfect choice for those who want to swap the hustle and bustle of modern life for a bit of peace and quiet. Picturesque holiday cottages can be found throughout the UK, with Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and Northern England boasting a wealth of outstanding destinations.

If you want to avoid cake, presents and parties and escape with your other half, or if you want to take a few friends with you and enjoy a bit of fun in the countryside, there’s guaranteed to be a house to suit your needs perfectly. If you’re heading somewhere remote, make sure you pack plenty of indulgent food and drink so you can celebrate your milestone birthday in style.


An adventure activity break

Whether you’re turning 21, 30, 40, 50 or even 60, an adrenaline pumping adventure is a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday. The activities available will depend on the time of year your birthday falls, but there are guaranteed to be a few exciting adventures on offer no matter when you plan to celebrate.

In the summer months, the Highlands of Scotland are perfect for outdoor activities. Try your hand at mountain biking in Aviemore, white water rafting in the Cairngorms National Park, skydiving in Perthshire or paragliding in Fort William. Other activities available across Scotland’s Highlands and islands include kayaking, cycling, hiking and canyoning, ensuring there’s plenty to keep even the most energetic birthday boy or girl happy.


Holiday with extended family

Of all the birthday milestone ideas out there, one of the best is a holiday with all the family. As well as giving you the chance to stretch your milestone celebrations out to a full week, it allows you the opportunity to reconnect with your nearest and dearest. Large holiday cottages can be found across the UK, with a fantastic choice of destinations available. Choose a house near the beach for a summer celebration, or opt for a rural retreat and enjoy long walks in the peaks, dales, moors and valleys that surround you.

If you’re feeling generous, you could even consider whisking the family off to foreign climes for a bit of fun in the sun. Spain, Portugal and France all offer blue skies, great food and stunning scenery, or you could head to the Bahamas, Antigua or Florida if you want to go all out on your big birthday.


Go on a road trip

A right of passage at any age, a road trip is a fantastic way to celebrate milestone birthdays. Pack up your car and head into the beautiful Scottish Highlands, drive down the coast of Cornwall, pootle through the rolling Welsh valleys or journey across the breathtaking Emerald Isle. Book holiday cottages in advance to ensure you have somewhere comfortable to stay at the end of a long day behind the wheel.


Enjoy an indulgent night out

If you can’t spare a week, or even a weekend, for your celebrations, you’ll have to cram all of your birthday fun into an indulgent night out. To celebrate your big birthday properly, you’ll have to go all out, so make sure you’ve got your glad rags clean, ironed and ready for action. Ideally, you should start your night out with a few cocktails before moving on to a fine dining restaurant for dinner. Depending on your energy levels this could be followed by more cocktails, a bit of dancing or even a concert by your favourite band.


Have a party

Tried and tested, the birthday party is a classic option for those looking to celebrate an important milestone. If your home isn’t big enough to hold all your friends and family – or if you don’t want to spend the day after the celebration cleaning up – hire a local venue or talk to any nearby holiday cottages to see if any owners would be willing to let you party the night away in their property.

Do something for charity

When people hit an important birthday, they often want to give something back. Doing something for charity can be a very rewarding way to celebrate a milestone birthday and to make the event really count. Sponsored bike rides, marathons, skydives and other events are fantastic ways to raise money, get fit and have some fun. What’s more, you’ll feel good about yourself when you hand over a cheque to the charity of your choice.

If you’ve got a big birthday coming up, don’t let the date slip by without a celebration. Get planning now to make sure your next birthday is one you, and your nearest and dearest, remember forever.