Guidelines for a Holiday in a COVID-19 Compliant Cottage

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How to organise a self catering holiday during COVID-19 government restrictions

If you’re wondering about the dos and don’ts relating to COVID-19 when booking your holiday cottage break, have a look at our handy guide below where we have tried to simplify the rules that currently apply. has a wide range of COVID-19 compliant holiday cottages in the UK, with many of our larger houses now accepting smaller groups of guests to comply with current government rules and regulations.


Can I go on holiday in the UK during coronavirus restrictions?

According to government guidance, self catering holiday cottage accommodation can accept visitors in the UK, but different rules apply in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.It is the responsibility of property owners and visitors to keep abreast of changes and make sure that the relevant rules and regulations are complied with. Visitors to areas under local lockdown must adhere to the area’s local guidelines.


Who can I go on a self catering holiday with during coronavirus restrictions? 

Government guidelines state as follows:​


  • In Tier 1 areas of England, government guidance states that up to 6 people, including adults and children, from 6 different households can go on holiday together. No additional children of any age are allowed in the group. In areas within Tiers 2 and 3, local lockdown rules apply.
  • A family group of more than 6 is only permitted to go away together if all members of the group live in the same household or they have formed a support bubble with a single person from another household.


  • Lockdown rules apply across Wales between Friday 23rd October and Monday 9th November. However, outside of lockdown dates, government guidance states that up to 6 people aged 12 or above who have formed an extended household group can go on holiday together.
  • Any number of children aged 11 and under can be added to the group of 6 as long as they belong to the extended household group.


  • In Scotland, government guidance states that up to 6 people aged 12 or above and from one extended household can go on holiday together.
  • Any number of children aged 11 and under can be added to the group of 6 as long as they belong to the extended household.

Northern Ireland

  • In Northern Ireland, government guidance states that up to 6 people aged 13 or above in a bubble formed from two households can go on holiday together.
  • Children aged 12 and under from those two households are not counted in this total.


Can I stay at an hotel or B&B during coronavirus restrictions?

You can go on holiday to an Hotel or B&B in the UK but may only share a room and facilities with those in your household or bubble. Restrictions will apply to use of any bar, restaurant or other facilities at your accommodation. Local lockdown rules may apply.


How do I know it is safe to go on holiday during coronavirus restrictions?

Property owners have an established cleaning regime and most will be making extra effort to ensure that their holiday houses are as safe as possible.

It’s best to simply ask the holiday home owner about their policies and the extra procedures in place, and to find out if there are any changes to the property which may affect your stay.


Importantly, what should I do if a member of my group develops coronavirus symptoms while on holiday?

You should inform the property owner, self isolate immediately and arrange a test in line with government guidance. If the test result is positive, your group should return home as soon as possible, ideally using private transport and taking every measure possible to avoid risk to others.

If it is not possible for your group to leave the property, your circumstances should be discussed with the owner and also with an appropriate health care professional. You may be required to pay for any extended stay in these circumstances.


What happens if I need to cancel our holiday because of coronavirus restrictions?

If you or any member of your group are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms then you must immediately notify the property owner and not travel.

If you do need to cancel, it may be possible to arrange alternative dates for your booking. Individual cases will depend on the terms and conditions of your booking. Contact the property owner to discuss the options.


If I can't travel can I claim on my travel insurance?

If you have travel insurance you should contact your insurers to establish whether your cancellation is covered by your policy.