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We are a team of five with a combined 60 years of experience in the large holiday house market.
We live and work in the wonderful Brecon Beacons and Borders and are passionate about ensuring the site works for our owners. Mention a property or an owner by name and any member of the team will know their history and how they are performing!
We advertise properties predominantly in the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.
We originate from a mix of places, Scotland, England, Australia, Wales and Ireland. French, Portuguese, English and Welsh are spoken in the office.
So meet the team and if you are thinking of advertising with us simply pick up the phone for an exploratory chat. 01874 611851.

James Maughan

James launched the site in 2003 working from a small office space in their 20 bed bunkbarn adjacent to the family's home near Brecon.
'We launched the site in 2003 as we couldn't find an advertising vehicle for large holiday properties. We put guests directly in touch with owners so they can build a relationship. Being in charge of organising a family or friends gathering is quite a responsibility. By direct contact the guests' needs and expectations can be fulfilled and the owners know who is coming to stay. Our owners wouldn't have it any other way. Many have been with us since we started in 2003. In the office a good sense of humour is what we enjoy most. As we are currently working remotely a sense of humour is even more important as we strive to help all our owners through this really difficult period'.
[email protected] 01874 611851
Denice Hill
Denice joined us in March 2010 with a strong background in customer service, hospitality and marketing.
'We had a family business with a similar ethos to the one James had established. High levels of customer service and working closely with clients. So for me the transition was easy. I work closely with owners helping them to target the markets they are after through effective use of the site and social media. One minute marketing, the next agony aunt, the next I'm discussing the rugby! We are great fans of working on the phone as that's where the relationships and trust are really built and maintained'.
[email protected] 01874 611851

Richard Parry

Richard joined us in April 2006. Richard's eye for detail, customer care and ensuring the right thing is done for all parties is legendary.
'Talking to owners from many backgrounds with differing properties and listening to stories about how the businesses were established is fascinating. Denice and I work with owners across the spectrum exposing them to the groups they like to host, from families and friends, to couples, hens and stags, school, wedding or business groups. The reward comes in getting to know an owner and generating the high level of enquiries they were lacking before they joined us. If they have a high performance or classic car, that's just a bonus!'
[email protected] 01874 611851

Esther Neye

Esther joined us in February 2008 to help us re-structure the accounting side of the business.
'My role is to keep the team moving forward and ensure the structure and paper trail of the accounting systems are maintained. The team love the people contact with owners and seeing the success we can bring by increasing enquiries to properties, but occasionally they need a gentle admin 'tweak'! Age wise I am the junior member of the team, so I have to make allowances! When it comes to music there is a slight divergence but I do recognise some of the tracks from hearing them with my parents!'
[email protected] 01874 611851

Naomi Lane

Naomi joined us in October 2012 to look after our owners, helping them to structure content, review photography and generally improve and enhance their presence on the site.
'Talking to owners, helping them improve their presence on the site and seeing the resultant enquiries is what we are after. The biggest challenge is ensuring owners source quality photos. If you are thinking of joining us...please use good photos as this can be make or break! The written word remains really important to us, with clear standards across the site. This is important for site users and for search engines for indexing. Many of our owners have beautiful properties. I often feel my role should involve visiting them as well as writing about them!'
[email protected] 01874 611851


Oko joined us in June 2013.
'I'm lean and fit, like the rest of the team! In true Labrador tradition I'm an effective hoover (generic term)! When I'm not snoozing in my bed I wander around the office making sure everybody is calm and has a fair share of 'patting therapy'. Providing there is a good supply of tennis balls, two walks a day, a regular food supply and lots of loving, what's not to like about going to work! (PS. Just for the record, I'm younger than Esther!)
Oko doesn't currently use email or phone.