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GroupAccommodation.com is for properties that sleep 10+. The 'sleeps' number that you see on a property page denotes the number of people that can sleep in a property on proper beds. Properties may have additional accommodation on sofa beds or other put up beds.

We have designed the site to be as easy as possible to navigate. We hope this will get you to a suitable self-catering or catered property as quickly as possible, having had some fun on the way!

Please do ring and speak to property owners and managers as well as emailing.

By phoning it helps you to build a relationship and create an impression of who you are dealing with and how the property may be managed. It is quite a responsibility organising a group outing so you need to get it right!

It also gives the property owner or manager the opportunity to discover any requirements you may have so that your expectations are fulfilled and the outing is a success.

If you stay in a property that sleeps 10+ that isn't on our site, please do let us know their details or point them in our direction. I am sure we will be able to increase their bookings.

If you have any feedback or ideas to improve the site then please do let us know by completing the form below.

James Maughan 

Founder - August 2003