Groupaccommodation.com’s Environmental Policy

Groupaccommodation.com attracts large numbers of people to go away together and stay in large holiday houses in some wonderful places. We feel we have a Duty of Care to help make people aware of sustainable Green Tourism , our own ‘ Environmental Policy ‘ and the policies of some of our property owners. The level of Green-ness and ethical commitment to the environment varies for each property owner, depending upon their individual circumstances.

In some geographical areas there has been a great deal of focus on Green Tourism and there is a tremendous amount of support available for owners of big holiday cottages. However in other areas there has been little assistance provided by local authorities, or tourism organisations, and holiday house owners have been left to develop their own environmental policies.

It is in no way a requirement of properties on Groupaccommodation.com to have an Environmental Policy , we have simply included this page to inform you of what some holiday houses owners are trying to achieve with their businesses and personal life-style. There are all sorts of reasons why some house owners chose not to go down this route.

Some house on the site have their own detailed policies, whilst others are at the developmental stage. We have set out our own Environmental Policy below.

To find big holiday cottages, large holiday houses or other self-catering or catered properties on Groupaccommodation.com that have an Environmental Policy got to our Holiday Ideas search and find the link to Green Holiday Properties .

Groupaccommodation.com’s Environmental Policy

  • The business is committed to good environmental practice in its business activities.
  • The business will ensure that it meets the minimum requirements set by environmental law in the country and fulfills its legal Duty of Care requirements for waste disposal.
  • The business will aim to ensure it is minimising the harmful effects and maximising the beneficial influences that it’s own activities have on the environment.
  • The business has an environmental policy covering the following key areas: purchasing, recycling, energy efficiency, water efficiency, transport, office systems, use of pesticides, conservation of historic and natural environment and communication of environmental principles to staff, guests and fellow tourism hosts.
  • The business shall aim to market tourism responsibly.
  • The business shall annually review its environmental policy in the light of suggestions made by customers, new legislation and new environmentally friendly alternatives.

Listed below are areas in which the items above can be put into action by owners of properties if they adopt a similar approach.

Aim: Wherever possible to buy fresh local food produce and items made from recycled materials, goods that are not over-packaged and products that are durable or refillable.
For example: Some owners buy the majority of local products from their farm shop or use home-grown meat, vegetables and fruit for guests, others provide Fair Trade products wherever possible.

Aim: To recycle as much as possible to save natural resources, save energy, reduce the need for landfill, reduce the cost of disposal and to create jobs.
For example: Ensure that there are separate containers available for segmenting waste. Some owners make their own compost and have a peat-free policy.

Energy efficiency, conservation and management
Aim: To reduce energy consumption in all activities by gradually changing gadgets and fittings to low energy use options.
For example: Some owners purchase ‘green energy’ and encourage guests to minimise energy use by turning off televisions, lights and radiators when not needed.

Transport and getting around
Aim: To minimise the use of car and fuel consumption by owners and guests, promote public transport and car-free alternatives such as cycling.
For example: Some owners have details of local transport available and planned itineraries of things to do without a car.

Management of water resources
Aim: To minimise use of freshwater across all activities even in times of plenty to save money and energy spent on purifying water and reduce pressure on water abstraction sites, and consequently habitat destruction.
For example: Ensure visitors to properties have an understanding of their actions in the management of water whilst staying i.e. Dripping taps, showers, baths, washing up etc. Some owners collect rainwater in water butts and use it to water gardens during summer months.

Pesticides and hazardous substances
Aim: To minimise pesticide use on the farm, in the garden and house at all times.
For example: Some owners provide organic food hampers whilst others grow insecticide-free vegetables.

Conservation of archaeological, landscape and wildlife features
Aim: To manage existing archaeological, landscape and wildlife features as sensitively as possible and create new features and habitats as appropriate to provide for long term habitat and landscape continuity of local, distinctive character.
For example: Some owners have put up bird and bat boxes, others have restored ponds and planted woods.

Office systems
Aim: To reduce print and paper-use as much as possible.
For example: Some owners conduct all business over the Internet, others recycle all office paper.

Communication of environmental principles to guests and others
Aim: To raise awareness of sustainable tourism issues to staff, guests and fellow tourism hosts, and promote local opportunities for green tourism.
For example: Guests’ information pack includes environmental literature and asks guests to help reduce waste and energy consumption by their activities.

We hope have you have found this of interest and that you will look further into this subject area either by booking one of our Green Properties, using our links page, searching on the internet or adopting your own Environmental Policy!

‘Think globally, act locally’.

John Lennon

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