What Should Property Owners Include In A Holiday Home Welcome Pack?

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What Should Property Owners Include In A Holiday Home Welcome Pack?

December 18, 2019

What makes your holiday home stand out from a hotel is the personal touch it provides. You want to remind your guests that they are welcome in their home, as the saying goes “mi casa es su casa.” There are a number of ways to do this, one of which is a welcome pack, which gives you the chance to easily share lots of key information with your guests about your property and the area that they are staying in, as well as including some small gifts and treats. 

If you’re not sure what to include when putting together your welcome pack, we’ve put together some ideas.


Logistical essentials

It’s very likely that this will be your guests first time visiting your town or city, so help them out by providing them information about the area. You could include:


Food essentials and luxury nibbles

You don’t need to kit out the kitchen with a week’s worth of food, but it is nice to include some of the basics so that your guests don’t have to rush out starving within minutes of arrival.  

Most guests will expect:

  • Pantry essentials such as salt & pepper, olive oil, sugar

  • Tea, coffee, milk

  • Butter and jam

  • Loaf of bread

  • Some pasta and a jar of pasta sauce

Or make your home stand out with a more deluxe welcome pack and include

  • A bottle of wine

  • Chocolate

  • Biscuits or cakes (want to earn even more brownie points? Make some homemade treats!)

  • If possible include local or artisan products to show your guest what makes the area they’re staying in unique


Tailor it to your guests

Information from your booking form should give you some insight into who exactly is staying in your property. This allows you to tailor your welcome pack to each group of guests, letting them know that you’ve put that extra bit of effort into hosting them.

If there are going to be young children staying then you could leave out some colouring pencils and some paper. If it’s a family with slightly older kids then how about popping some cards or board games on a side table for them, or the code for the wifi? Are they bringing a dog? Leave out a bag of treats or a toy. You might already know if your guests are celebrating a hen do or a big birthday, so a small congratulatory card could go a long way.


Additional extras

Try and think of the small things that your guests might not have thought to bring that they might need to stay in your property. For instance, if you live in a busy area you could provide sleep masks and earplugs. Or if your property has a bath, leave out some bath salts or essential oils and tell your guests they are welcome to use them. 

Perhaps your property is popular for its nearby walking routes; you could let your guests know if you have any wellies, raincoats or walking shoes that they can borrow during their stay. You could either go out and buy some of the most popular sizes, or just let them use your own.

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Going that extra mile for your guests doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, but it is a good way for you to leave your guests with a good impression of your property. And a good experience means they’re more likely to leave a glowing review or recommend your property to their friends and family. 

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