Christmas Holidays: A guide to booking late holiday deals

Ed Maughan
Ed Maughan

If you’re the kind of person who has their next Christmas holiday planned before New Years celebrations are even over, then this blog probably isn’t for you! For those of us that leave our planning more last minute – read on.

Sometimes circumstances suddenly change leaving us with an opportunity for a holiday that we didn’t think we had before. For others, leaving it to last minute is actually part of the plan – in the hopes that they might be able to bag a cheap last minute deal. Our team of travel experts bring you some top insider tips to getting a bargain Christmas holiday!

A guide to booking late holiday deals

The internet opens up a whole world of opportunity when it comes to finding great last minute holidays, and by taking a strategic approach you have a great chance of making some serious savings in the festive period. 80% of customers now look for late holiday deals online and wait until the last moment in the hope of big discounts!

Know when to book

Most people tend to look for a late deal just a fortnight before they plan to travel. If you can start looking before then – say 4-6 weeks before your intended getaway date – you are likely to find greater availability and wiggle room on prices.

Do your homework on costs

Today’s holiday pricing is so flexible that advertised rates change constantly. Instead, assess true value by working out exactly what is included in any holiday offer, and carefully totting up equivalent costs if you are putting together your own package. Don’t rule out all-inclusive or catered options either – it can work out to be very good value, especially if you are travelling with a family or group of friends.

Cut out the middle man

If you’re looking to travel abroad and are prepared to buy a cheap flight and then put together your own itinerary around it, you can make some real savings by cutting out middleman margins. But remember to include all the small extras such as airport transfers, meals and the like.

Book a Tuesday flight

Generally speaking, Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly as it’s quiet on the business travel front. However, you can get good deals through to Thursday too. Fly early in the morning too for cheaper seats and fewer chances of delays. It’s worth checking daily for the latest deals – and considering less popular airports for lower prices.

Be prepared to choose adventure over luxury

Remember when you were a student and InterRail was THE big travel adventure? Well why not visit your younger years and have a real adventure trip – checking out hostels, camping or glamping, cycling tours and taking trains? It might not suit luxury-lovers, but for those who are happy to rough it in the name of authentic travel experiences, you could discover something quite wonderful.

Know where to go

Different parts of the world tend to be cheaper at different times of year. European and UK city breaks tend to drop in price from mid-December, so you may well find a great deal on a lovely festive themed break. Christmas markets anyone? These make wonderful last minute weekend getaways and you’ll be able to enjoy mulled wine and German sausage whilst picking up Christmas gifts!

If winter sun is more your bag, then travel in early December for a bargain holiday in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt or the Canaries. Spain and France are also good options for villas because they have so much capacity on the holiday accommodation front – and you can save even more money by driving to France.

Have a go at the strategies listed above to grab yourselves a fantastic late Christmas holiday deal. Come back and let us know how you did it!

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