How to Organise the Perfect Hen Party

Ed Maughan
Ed Maughan

Organising a successful hen do can be pretty stressful, and requires a lot of attention to detail to ensure the event runs smoothly. To help you stay on top of your planning, we’ve provided our top 10 tips below, as a guide to helping you plan the perfect hen party.

1. Organise Your Time

Organise your time wisely. You really won’t want to just ‘wing it’ on this occasion. The last thing you want it to make this event rushed and stressful. Use these 2 key points below to streamline your planning process:

  • Set the date! Anywhere up to a month before the wedding, never the night before!
  • Give the guests plenty of notice.

2. Know Your Budget

For the lucky few, money will be no object when it comes to planning the perfect hen party for their best girlfriend. However, some of your guests could have a lot of other financial commitments, so you will have to consider everyone’s individual finances and keep a tight grip on those purse strings! See below for a few pointers:

  • Find the right balance between special and realistic. Not everyone will be able to afford an entire weekend away, so try to be flexible.
  • Be transparent about money upfront, and email a breakdown of all the costs to the guests.
  • Avoid awkward money talk and ask for swift payment or offer a monthly payment option if needed.
  • It’s a good idea to add some contingency to the budget for any unexpected detours, meals, that extra bottle of wine or extra spa treatment; so make sure the guests have factored this in too.
  • Be money savvy and shop around for some quotes, especially if you’re going down the all-inclusive route.

3. Location & Accommodation

Arguably the most important part of any successful event, is the location and hen party accommodation. You won’t want to turn up to a holiday cottage that sleeps 5 when you have 25 guests, or book somewhere in the rainy season and spend the entire time indoors. So take note of the points below to ensure nothing goes wrong:

  • Do your research! If you’re planning a weekend away, get all the transport sorted beforehand to avoid any waiting around and extra costs.
  • Make sure you consider everyone’s needs: is anyone pregnant? Vegetarian? Scared of heights?
  • Be strategic with the sleeping arrangements. Not everyone will know each other, so liaise with the bride about who will get on with who.
  • Going abroad? Make sure everyone’s passport is up to date!

4. Collaborate with other guests

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the endless possibilities available, or if you are stuck for ideas, or don’t even know where to start, perhaps these points below can help:

  • The best people to ask are those coming to the event.
  • Start to build some excitement around the event and brainstorm with the other guests.
  • Be careful – don’t get too many ‘outsiders’ involved in the planning. Things can get out of hand quickly, so stick to those attending the event.

5. Plan Activities & Games

People don’t like to wait around at these kinds of events, so make sure you plan just enough to keep things moving without exhausting everyone! Take a look at our top 2 points for some ideas:

  • Make sure you plan to your audience. If the majority want a spa/pampering weekend, don’t go for something that Bear Grylls wouldn’t even attempt!
  • You won’t please everyone, but if you have a mix of active and passive, you can’t go wrong.

6. Take Lots Of Hen Party Photos

Capture the moment so your bride can look back on an amazing occasion. Make sure you know what the bride wants – does she want a memory book, or an album online that she can share? Remember our top tips:

  • Don’t forget to bring a camera!
  • Posing for photos is a great way to break the ice if your guests are meeting for the first time.

7. Pace Yourselves

  • If you’re opting for a pampering weekend, make sure you don’t go overboard – your liver will thank you later!
  • If you’re going for something a little more action-packed, don’t plan your watersports and mountain climbing back to back!
  • Before you head out for the evening, make sure everyone has some time to unwind.

8. Set The Dress Code

Will there be a dress code at your chosen venues? Be sure to find out before one of the group gets turned away for wearing inappropriate shoes.

  • Keep your guests in the loop – email a list of what they need to bring with them (i.e. bikinis or boots, or both!)
  • If you’re going out on the town, call ahead to check if there is a dress code.

9. Get Together The Day After…

The following day is usually the best bit! This is a time to relive the funniest moments from the weekend, so make sure you choose a suitable location for a loud catch up!

  • Organise a bottomless brunch where everyone can reminisce about the weekend’s antics – don’t forget to make a reservation!
  • If you’re in self-catering accommodation, make sure you add the cost of this into the budget.

10. Relax & Enjoy

This is by far the most important point:

  • Over and above, make sure you and the bride enjoy every minute!

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