6 Expert Tips For Marketing Your Property On Holiday Listing Websites

Ed Maughan
Ed Maughan

Marketing your property on a listing website, even if you’re a seasoned professional, can be challenging. Sure – it’s easy enough to list a property but the most successful owners on GroupAccommodation.com maximise their listing by following these 6 expert tips.

1. Take high quality photos

Your property photography acts as your shop window. As prospective guests browse through hundreds of properties, the primary contributor to them clicking through to your page is the primary or “hero” image(s). The aim of your photos, therefore, should be to stop visitors in their tracks. The key to this is high quality, ultra sharp images that stand out. We highly recommend employing a professional to get the best results and brief them on taking different types of photos showing the property and all its amenities from multiple angles and rooms.

But it’s not just about how you take these photos, it’s also about their content. Make it clear that some effort has been made in regards to the presentation of the rooms, that they’re clean, tidy and free of clutter. Also consider the kind of property you’re trying to list: is it a snug winter cabin or a seaside abode? Capturing the former during snowfall and the latter in the height of summer will also do you well. It’s the romance, experience and expectation conveyed through imagery that guests will buy – so they have to make sense contextually!

Check out our guide to taking professional level photos.

People laughing around table on holiday
Including photos of your guests helps to create atmosphere


2. Stir their imagination with your description

Use positive and emotive language to write your description. If it’s lively enough, it can really make the reader start dreaming about life in your property! If you’re struggling with where to begin, consider its USP. Perhaps it’s nestled in a lush valley, it has a gorgeous pool to take a dip in or it’s right on the seafront; this is the jewel in the crown that will sell it to holidaymakers.

From here, you can build a detailed (but not dense) tour of the property that will supplement your fantastic images. Focus on likely points of interest and the benefits your property offers – a pool table or gym, a swimming pool or hot tub, perhaps. Consider reviewing your description every 6 months to keep it fresh. 

games room in holiday property
A feature like a games room will help you stand out from your competitors

3. Sell the location

It’s not just about the home itself, it’s also about where it is. People will want more than just an incredible property – they’ll want things to do, too! By outlining this in the description, you’ll be able to sell the experience as well as your property. Act as their resident area expert and perhaps detail the most exciting points of interest in the area, particularly activities that are family friendly. Sites like National Parks, art galleries, old towns and outdoor activities would all be of interest – and don’t forget to mention proximity!

4. Set a competitive price

Your property is your business, however you want to be reasonable when thinking about how much your holiday home is going to cost to stay in. Check out local competition and see what properties similar in size, features, style and more are charging – you wouldn’t want to price your property out of the market! Be flexible according to group size and season, too.

Swimming Pool in holiday house
Check what your closest competitors are charging for their holiday house


5. Be accurate, organised and reliable

You are the sole representative of your home, so it’s important to be available and useful to your guests. In the booking stages, make sure your calendar is up-to-date to mitigate disaster (i.e. overbooking your property) and be on-hand to answer any questions holidaymakers may have. Keep your prices accurate and your description clear and easy to read with no typos or mistakes. Review your entire description season-by-season to ensure it’s fresh and up-to-date.

6. Use all the features of the listing site

Your listing site, like GroupAccommodation.com, wants to help you sell, so take advantage of all the benefits they offer! Perhaps there’s social media promotion, a newsletter or late availability that can be used to increase exposure of your property. Even if it’s just to chat through best practice our team are always on hand to guide you smoothly through the process of advertising your holiday home.

Ready to start letting your holiday home? Advertise your property with GroupAccommodation

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