You May Never Have to Pay For Your Renewal Ever Again!

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You May Never Have to Pay For Your Renewal Ever Again!

May 6, 2021

As a specialist community of large properties, our property owners are fantastic at passing on guests that they can't accommodate to other owners on This means that all owners benefit from being part of our community.

We continue to attract owners who have never heard of us. Many have been with agencies and are delighted to take back control by joining

So why are we telling you what you already know?

As one of our current advertisers, if you introduce us to an owner who joins us, we will extend your current 12 month subscription by a further 3 months!

Every time you introduce us to someone who joins us we will simply add on a further 3 months. 

Introduce us to enough owners and you may never have to pay for your renewal ever again! 

Simply email me at [email protected] or call me on 01874 611851 with details of who you would Iike to introduce and when they go live we will carry your renewal forward another 3 months

Give them the best start on GroupAccomodation with our Essential Checklist for your Entry on Group Accomodation.