7 Essential Questions You Can’t Forget To Ask Your Holiday Rental Advertising Site

Ed Maughan
Ed Maughan

Having managed holiday properties ourselves since 2000, we know what it takes to generate a consistent flow of guest enquiries throughout the year whilst managing the inevitable admin and unforeseeable challenges that come as part and parcel of being an owner. We also know that there are many tough choices about where to market your property to not only ensure you get enough enquiries, but that the enquiries are right for your property. When making the choice about a holiday rental advertising site, there are a number of key questions that you MUST get the answers to. So, whether you’re making a call to or emailing a provider, bookmark this blog and you can feel confident that all the key considerations have been addressed.

1. What is the annual fee?

This might sound obvious but make sure you confirm the annual (or monthly) fee for using their site. The price they advertise on their website might be a base fee and can vary greatly, so you could end up paying a lot more than you first accounted for.

2. Are there any other fees throughout the year?

Make sure there are no hidden fees! Ask the company to send over a written list of all the possible services that may incur an additional charge, and have a thorough read through the terms and conditions before you sign up to anything. You don’t want to think you’re getting a great deal and then learn that you have to pay almost double what you expected!

3. Will you help me create my listing page?

From taking photos to advising you on what copy to include on your listing page, ask the provider whether they offer any help with creating your listing page. Some might make you go it alone, others will offer the full service, so depending on your requirements this should help you decide which advertising site to go with.

4. Can I include a link to my own website?

A large percentage of holiday homeowners will have their own websites as a means to showcase the property and generate enquiries! There are some holiday listing websites that will allow you to link your website on your listing page – GroupAccommodation.com is one of those.

5. Do you provide any managed services such as arranging a cleaner/ housekeeper?

If you manage your property remotely you may well employ property maintenance, cleaners and property management from a third party or agency. If you are thinking of making a change, enquire whether the advertising company has partnerships with any relevant services, or if they don’t, whether they can provide any recommendations.

6. Are there restrictions on when I can use the property?

Although this is usually linked to commission-based agencies rather than advertising sites, make sure you establish whether there are any restrictions on when you are allowed to use your own property (e.g not during high seasons.)

7. Can I ask you for advice or tips throughout the year?

Companies that have been in the holiday letting business for years will have a wealth of expert knowledge that you can benefit from. Ask them if it’s ok for you to pick up the phone and ask for some marketing advice throughout the year. A good advertising site should have staff that go above and beyond to help you generate as many bookings as you can. At GroupAccommodation.com we have 18 years of experience in holiday lettings. We pride ourselves on our customer service, offering expert advice whenever you need it! Find out what else you get when you advertise with us.

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